Cody from the Automotive Restoration Club shares this video about how to restore automotive stainless steel trim. He takes a piece of trim from a 1970 Dodge Challenger that’s in “pretty rough shape.” Cody starts by cleaning the area. With a clean area, you can see what you’re doing and you can see dings and dents clearly. Also, a clean area won’t gum up your sandpapers later.


Cody next shows how he taps out a dent on a dolly with a hammer. Then he files the area smooth, so that there’s no evidence of a dent having been there. Next he stresses taking the trim to your project and test fitting it before you do the polishing. Then he takes 150 sandpaper and sands out the filing marks. Then he switches to 240 sandpaper to remove any scratches from the 150. Cody notes that this process is only required when repairing dents or deep scratches. End of Part 1. See Part 2


Video and information courtesy of Automotive Restoration Club

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WARNING: Grinding wheels are dangerous. Please refer to ANSI B7.1 Safety Guide. Always wear protective eyewear, face shield, ear protection, and face mask.