Art of the Motorcycle Exhibit Guggenheim Las Vegas

Elizabeth Rizzo reports for from the Venetian Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is Las Vegas Guggenheim Museum’s first exhibit: The Art of the Motorcycle.


One hundred and twenty motorcycles are displayed like artwork. The oldest motorcycle is a wood-framed velocipede powered by a steam engine made in 1868 in France. Also included is the motorcycle that set the world’s land speed record of 137 mph in 1937. And there’s a replica of the Captain America bike featured in the film Easy Rider. The original bike was stolen from a warehouse before the film was released.


This Art of the Motorcycle had previously toured other cities. But in Las Vegas a new installation was created by prize-winning architect Frank Gehry who used #8 Non-Directional Mirror Finish from Mirror Metals throughout the exhibit.


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