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“THE SOURCE” for a variety of textures, surface treatments,
and finishes which represent only the best-in-class products

Since 1998, Mirror Metals, Inc. has been assisting architects, fabricators, and contractors in offering the highest quality finishes on specialty metals in both flat-rolled and tubular metal products.


We are uniquely focused on providing a broad variety of stainless steel architectural metals. From bright to dull, these finishes are used for curtain walls, column covers, and elevators — as well as other applications to create a one-of-a-kind design.


Our WAREHOUSE IS FULLY STOCKED with the ultimate high-quality “mirror polished” stainless steel sheets.


Our warehouse has a large variety of finishes for Architectural Metals — including Embossed, Etched, Grained finishes, Pressed Quilted, Mesh, Woven, Honeycomb and Composite Panels.


And be sure to ask about our low-light-reflectivity, anti-graffiti, anti-fingerprint, and anti-stain finishes.

Our Mission Is Your Satisfaction

“Working together, our mission is to provide our customers with uncompromising quality, innovation and continuous improvement, which will result in the profitable growth and financial strength of our company.”

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We guarantee our specialty metals. Please see the complete details of our guarantee on our Product Data Sheets.

[qodef_accordion style=”boxed_toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”CUSTOM SIZING” title_tag=”h5″]

To prevent drop and waste, we stock standard sheet sizes, and non-standard sizes. 11 through 26 gauge 48 and 60 wide. We can easily deliver custom-sized specialty metals to your specifications. (See size capabilities on Product Data Sheets.)

[qodef_accordion style=”boxed_toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”ISO 9000/9001″ title_tag=”h5″]

The ISO family of standards is related to quality management systems and designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs of customers. Our mills are certified.

[qodef_accordion style=”boxed_toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”STURDY PACKAGING” title_tag=”h5″]

We use heavy-duty wooden crates to package sheets for “over the road” shipments.

[qodef_accordion style=”boxed_toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”WE ARE SPECIALISTS” title_tag=”h5″]

With the principals combined 78 years experience, our knowledge is industry specific, so we can match you with the product best suited to your application.

[qodef_accordion style=”boxed_toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”LEED DATA SHEETS” title_tag=”h5″]

Leed Data Sheets are available on all products.

[qodef_accordion style=”boxed_toggle”][qodef_accordion_tab title=”FAST DELIVERY” title_tag=”h5″]

Our company-owned trucks ship directly from us to the West Coast next day. East Coast, Canada, and Mexico (full and LTL) 3–5 days. Your architectural metals purchase will arrive on-time, safely, and intact.

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Mirror Metals proudly serves Architectural Metal Customers Nationwide, Across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.


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