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Architectural Interior

Mirror Metals, Inc. is the most extensive resource when it comes to specialized metal finishes in the Architectural Metal Industry! With over 40 years of experience, we have established a prominent role in supplying a vast variety of Stainless-Steel textures and finishes for interior application!

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Stainless-steel products are practical, durable and attractive for interior uses!


Our products are widely used in high pedestrian areas where durability is of high importance.


metal on building

Interior Application Product Benefits

– Stainless steel has a long lifespan.

– Aesthetically attractive finishes.

– Creates a real presence.

– Gloss / reflectivity control.

– Endless combinations are possible.

– Extremely durable & highly sustainable.

– Resistant to scratches and impact damage.

– Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable.

Metal finishes can also be used for
escalators and people movers

Mirror Metals experienced sales teams can provide product advice on the wide range of finishes available. Your finished stainless-steel product can then be delivered to anywhere in the United States, Mexico & Canada.